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Top 10 mechanical keyboard under 5000 in 2019 (October)


If you are finding a keyboard and now you are thinking to buy a mechanical keyboard and having problems deciding the keyboard or a brand which you have to buy. So, we are here to solve your problem. Hare, we have a list of Top 10 mechanical keyboard under 5000 in 2019 (October)

About mechanical keyboard.

in the market, there are many keyboards some come with the high-quality mechanical keys and comes with the very cheap keys even some have a semi-mechanical keyboard. We talk about all of these things and we tell that which good for you depending on your needs.

If you guys are thinking that how you know which keyboard comes with a high quality or which comes with cheap keys. First, you have checked the feature of the keyboard which you are going to buy 

Semi mechanical keyboard.

if this keyboard comes with a semi-mechanical key switch so you have to know that this type of keyboard doesn’t have any type of mechanical keys on this keyboard. this keyboard just comes with the feel of a mechanical keyboard in this keyboard you have normal keys like membrane keyboard.

True Mechanical keyboard.

Let’s take another example now you are buying a keyboard with mechanical keys and now you have sure that the mechanical keyboard you buying that comes with high quality of keys. how do you know about that? when we talk under 5000 rupees mechanical keyboard, we have two keys options which are a blue key switch and the red key switch and the red is much better than blue key switches.

how to find out the good and cheap key switches?

Now there are many duplicate key switches in the market and here we talk about one of the best key switches in the world. and the most popular keys switches in this world are Japanese cherry MX switches. So which keyboard you are buying. if that keyboard comes with these switches and that keyboard is in your budget so just buy it.

if that keyboard cannot have these keys so just try to keyboard which has these switch or if the keyboard cannot come in your budget so just go with some brand and check his a review and also check response who buy that one

Why do we need a mechanical keyboard?

If you are thinking that why we buy that much costly keyboard Alldo we have a keyboard at a very cheap price. like if we normal keyboard the cost of that keyboard is about max 1000Rs but when we buy a mechanical keyboard then we pay a starting price is 3000Rs so why we buy a mechanical keyboard?

if I have an option to answer in one line then I say that the feel of using mechanical is much much better than a normal keyboard. 

Now let’s take a look at the list of Top 10 mechanical keyboard under 5000 rupees coming with LED-backlit.

1 TVS-e-gold Bharat

2 Corsair Gaming K55

3 Lenovo GX30K04088 

4 Cosmic Byte CB-GK-03

5 Zebronics Zeb- Nitro

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Let’s talk one by one we all type of keyboard all are best in 5000 rupees depending on your needs you can select one of them for you.



TVS-e gold Bharat  

VS-e gold Bharat mechanical keyboard
About keyboard

This is one of the most popular keyboard in budget ranger this is an only keyboard that comes with the Cherry MX switches under 5000 rupees And everyone knows about this keyboard. mostly you see this keyboard in offices or banks.

My opinion

if you are buying a mechanical keyboard for the first time in your life and you want to have an experience like a keyboard which comes in 10000 rupees or more then this is the best option for you in under 5000 rupees. 


  • Cherry MX Blue Switches Mechanical Keyboard
  • 50 million strokes per switch
  • One Year Manufacturer Product Warranty
  • Excellent Touch, plug and play
  • Total Keys 104 Keys
  • USB has gold plated
  • Weight only 1.28 kg 
Cherry MX Mechanical switch  No backlit 
1 year Warranty

Corsair Gaming K55

Corsair Gaming K55 semi mechanical keyboard
About keyboard

If you are thinking that this is a mechanical keyboard than you are wrong this is a semi-mechanical keyboard. This keyboard is coming with the branding of corsair and if you don’t know about corsair then you don’t know about PC building. because corsair is one of the most popular brands in the gaming industry.

My opinion

So, if you buy this keyboard then you don’t have to worry about the quality of keyboard. this keyboard gives a feel of pro gaming keyboard because we have RGB light in this keyboard and anyone see first he say is that a mechanical keyboard because this keyboard looks like a mechanical keyboard.


  • No Mechanical switch 
  • Two Year Manufacturer Product Warranty
  • Total Keys 110 Keys
  • USB 2.0 type A
  • Weight only 816 gm 
  • Full of RGB light
  • Dedicated Volume and multimedia controls
  • Supported in iCUE
Full of RGB light No mechanical switch
2 year Warranty

 Lenovo GX30K04088

Lenovo GX30K04088 mechanical keyboard
About keyboard

There are 2 big reasons to take in this Top 10 mechanical keyboard under 5000 rupees. the first reason is the brand and second is the design of this keyboard and also this keyboard is coming with mechanical key switches.

My opinion

If you have a dream to make a gaming build then this keyboard makes your dream true the design of this is looking very cool and this keyboard is only made for gamers. one more special thing in this keyboard is that you have a 3.5 mm audio jack for input & output and USB 2.0 also. 


  • Mechanical Kailh Red Switches
  • Anti-ghosting for simultaneous keystrokes
  • USB Wired Keyboard
  • 6 additional gaming keys with on-the-fly macro recording
  • One pass-through USB 2.0, 3.5 mm mic-in, 3.5 mm audio-out
  • Detachable palm rest design
  • Red backlighting with 5 adjustable brightness levels
  • Weight only 1.44 kg
  • One Year Manufacturer Product Warranty
LED light No RGB
1 year Warranty

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-03

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-03 most popular mechanical keyboard
About keyboard

This is a very popular keyboard under 5000 rupees because this keyboard comes RGB light also it has a mechanical key switch, in this keyboard you have LED light in every single key switch in this keyboard.

My opinion

So, I say that this mechanical keyboard is for those who what to make full gaming PC build and he what a mechanical key switches with full RGB lighting with palm rest. so, this is one of the best mechanical keyboard for you.


  • Build Structure Aluminium Panel 
  • Key Type Blue mechanical switches
  • Total Keys 104 Keys
  • RGB light
  • Weight only 1.12 kg
  • No Specific Warranty
  • Coming with Red Palm Rest
  • 50 million strokes per switch
RGB light No warranty
50 million strokes per switch

Zebronics Zeb- Nitro

Zebronics Zeb- Nitro mechanical keyboard
About keyboard

The best thing about this keyboard is that this is a full-size keyboard but this keyboard does not look that much bigger if you are finding a keyboard with a compact size so this mechanical keyboard is for you.

My opinion

This keyboard is coming with a mechanical key switch and this comes with LED-backlit with blue LED lighting. also, one more thing I like about this keyboard which the brand zebronics this brand makes some products for pc which comes with good build quality.


  • full-size keyboard with compact size 
  • This keyboard has a mechanical keyboard key switch
  • Supported platform Windows, Linux & Mac
  • Available in Black colour
  • Warranty – 1 year from the date of purchase
  • Total keys 104
  • LED-backlit with blue LED
  • Weight is 1.14kg
  • 10 million strokes per switch
Compact sizeRGB light 
1 year warranty 

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