Dell latitude 9510 2-in-1 business laptop with 34-hour backup


Hello, if you are finding a laptop that comes with dell branding. so, Here we talk about dell all new laptop in latitude series in this series dell launch all-new dell latitude 9510 2-in-1 business laptops. We all know that dell is a very popular company that launches some very interesting laptops. so here this dell latitude is coming with a 34-hour battery backup. it also comes with Intel 10th generation processors.

What we talk about this laptop

So here we talk about all the features of this Dell latitude 9510 and some of the features in which we talk in detail. also, we do not tell about the benchmarks of the Dell latitude 9510 if you are finding the benchmarks of this business laptop. so this article is not for you in this article is about the display and the design of some pros and cons also.


This laptop comes with Intel 10th generation processor if we talk about the graphics card so here, we only get an integrated graphics card which is (intel UHD graphics).  Dell latitude 9510 has an IPS display panel and it comes whit 15 inches screen size and this is a 2-in-1 laptop. the biggest highlight of this laptop is the battery backup her dell claims up to 34-hour battery backup we also talk about it in this article. Hare, you have different options for RAM and memory. 

Now if you are thinking about the price of this business laptop so the starting price of dell latitude 9510 1,49,000. Now time take look a quick look at the specification laptop after that we talk about in detail some features.  

dell letitude 9510 2-in-1 all specifications

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Operating systemsWindows 10 Home
Processor availableintel core i5-10210U, intel core i5-10310U, intel core i7 10710U, intel core i7-10810U, intel core i7-10610U
GPUIntel UHD graphics
Display size15.6-inch FHD 1920 x 1080 2-in-1
Memory (RAM)16GB LPDDR4-2666 MHz up to 32GB
Internal storage1TBGB M.2 SSD 
Audio2x4W stereo speaker 
Ports and connectors1xUSB 3.1, 2xtypeC, 1×3.5 mm, 1xHDMI 2.0, DC-in SD card slot, SIM card slot
Power57Watt battery 4 cells, 88Watt battery 6 cells
Battery17hr backup, 30hr backup


Design and build

Here we told you that this is a business laptop so, in this category, we have to see some very important points like a laptop should be light in weight also it looks like a premium machine. Now if we see dell latitude 9510 so in the first look, we can say that the design of this laptop looks simple and premium.

After that, the colour of the laptop is silver which looks pretty decent and on the top you can able to see the branding of dell. Now it’s in your hand and you can feel the weight of the dell latitude 9510 is not that much heavy as we expect. The weight of this laptop is 1.45Kg which is nice for business laptops.

Now just put the laptop on the table and just open it. The first thing you see in your dell latitude 9510 is keyboard or two speakers’ grills in both sides of the keyboard it also offers you a fingerprint sensor.

After all, that when you look to your screen this laptop offers you two versions of this laptop: a clamshell and a 2-in-1, the latter of which is capable of spinning 360 degrees and offers active pen support so you have a choice depending on your needs. but the common thing this dell latitude 9510 gives you the slim bezels on the display support an IR webcam.

dell latitude 9510 display comes with 15 inches size


Now just power up the laptop and enjoy the screen the configurations of the display is it offers you 15.6 inches which come whit an FHD (1920 x 1080) with 16:9 display which is a LED panel dell also gives you a SafeScreen (a privacy display), or the 2-in-1 model with Corning Gorilla Glass 6.

In some of the conditions, you also use this laptop outdoors for that dell latitude 9510 offers you a 400 nits brightness with that company also claims that all panels will cover up to 100% of the sRGB colour gamut.

Overall I say that the display gives you a great experience work like editing or making a presentation you can see an accurate colour or you can also use this laptop in indoors or outdoors also you can not face any brightness issues with it.   

dell latitude 9510 2-in-1 laptop keyboard and touch-pad

Keyboard and touchpad

This type of laptops is mostly used for typing. When you start typing in this dell latitude 9510 it provides you with great feedback. But one thing you may miss in this laptop that this dell latitude does not come with a full-size keyboard some of the people miss this thing. Also, dell gives you a backlist which gives you the power to do your work in dark conditions also.

Touchpad coming with this laptop has a great response. the gestures, such as two-finger scrolling and three-finger tabbing have a very responsive.

Processor and Graphics card

Hare, we see different types of processor series coming with this laptop of intel 10th generation processors. hare you can see the intel core i5 10th gen processor which is coming with five cores and ten threads. you also see an intel core i7 10th gen processor this CPU offers you six cores and twelve threads in this processor. both of these processors are coming with an integrated GPU.

With this dell latitude, you cannot see a dedicated graphics card with this laptop the reason behind that company what to make a compact and lightweight laptop. Here you only see an integrated graphics card which comes with a processor.  

Memory and storage

Hare, dell latitude 9510 offers you up to 16GB ddr4 RAM which you can able to upgrade up to 64GB ram company also offers you up to 1TB of storage options hare you only see SSD no HDD in this laptop.

dell latitude 9510 2-in-1 laptop with 34 hr battery life

Battery life

The most impotent thing of this dell latitude 9510 is the battery in which dell claims that it gives up to 34 hours use in one charge. So hare dell offers you two different versions in the first one you have 4cell battery pack which give you up to 20-hour battery life in one charge and the other one comes with a 6cell battery pack which gives you up to 34 hours battery life.   

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